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Homitt Magnetic Screen Door With Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain

The Homitt Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain is a great choice if you’d like to keep out insects and enjoy the fresh air of summer. It hangs down like a curtain and can easily be removed, allowing you to walk through the door while keeping out bugs. You can also use it to let your pets in and out of the house without having to worry about them getting inside. The mesh material is also fire-resistant and has a strong enough mesh weave to withstand sharp objects and pet claws.

The Homitt magnetic screen door is made of high-density fiberglass mesh, ensuring that you’ll have a comfortable and safe living environment. This wind-protection screen door measures 39″x83″ and fits doors up to 37″x82″ with ease. The mesh material contains a high density magnet that will prevent flying objects from getting inside. It also features a hands-free design for easy installation. The magnetic screen door has 26 strong magnets sewn into its center seam.

The Homitt Magnetic Screen Door is easy to install and requires no tools. The magnetic screen mesh is held tightly on the door frame with a nylon sticker and push pins. No tools are needed for installation, and it’s safe for children and pets to use. The fiberglass mesh is also scratch and tear-resistant, and highly transparent. Despite the strong magnets, this magnetic screen door still manages to seal a gap with ease.

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