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How to Create a Good Bathroom Design

A good bathroom design blends beauty and functionality to serve your family’s needs. A rectangular bathroom has fewer wet walls than a long, narrow one, so a freestanding bathtub may not work. If you have a small bathroom, opt for a one-wall layout with a shower, toilet, and vanity on one wall. This makes for a more efficient layout. Good bathroom design also reflects your personality. Read on to learn about some common mistakes to avoid when designing a bathroom.

When renovating a bathroom, pay attention to detail. Consider where the electrical outlet should go. If it is near a mirror, choose a matching outlet cover. Matching bathroom fixtures is another way to achieve consistency. Make sure all fixtures are the same style, material, and function. Lastly, select finishes that match each other. You can get creative and install state-of-the-art bidet toilet seats and fancy pendant lights to add character to your bathroom. However, a good bathroom design has a foundation that supports the use of space.

A small bathroom can be made to appear bigger by running tile from the floor to the accent wall. Try using two-toned tiles instead of a single color. In an all-white bathroom, it’s important to inject some warmth and texture into the space. To add texture and detail, choose gold-finish fittings and patterned floor tiles. Accessories such as framed pictures and a swanky chandelier can be used to add a touch of personality to a bathroom.

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